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 Registration for MBA II Year IV Sem. - (2013 - Batch) : Schedule of Registration for MBA II Year IV Sem. - (2013 - Batch).
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-- The Institute: Established in 2003, Bansal Management Group of Institutes, Bhopal (BMGI) is one of the most prestigious business schools of Madhya Pradesh. The institute was chosen to be set up in Bhopal to give an impetus to management education in central India and has ever since been acting as the pioneer in the field of management, interfacing with the corporate.

The essence of management, BMGI believes, lies in managing one's own ambitions and forging ahead consciously. "A strong theoretical foundation is the basis of good corporate practice" this, coupled with grounding in management as it is practiced. Experiential learning, IT orientation, and social sensitivity are some of the unique features of the programme.

Situated at Raisen Bypass, a beautiful and a scenic campus occupying 33 acre of land provides an ideal backdrop for some of the brightest minds to work their best to become the best they can be. To back this up, BMGI has a solid infrastructure ranging from a very beautiful campus and a separate Boys & Girls hostels.

BMGI achievements in such a short span of time can be attributed to its innovative spirit, its will to excel, and, to a great extent, to the relationship it has developed with the Bhopal.